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Ivica Zubac Contract Details, Salary and Career Earnings.

Ivica Zubac currently plays the position of Center for the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA, He attended N/A and was drafted by the NA..

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Ivica Zubac Contract Details

Current Contract

Ivica Zubac Signed a 3-year $21 million contract on July 10, 2019, with the Los Angeles Clippers, he will earn an average salary of $7 million per year.

Contract: 3-yr $21,000,000
Average Salary: $7,000,000
Team: Los Angeles Clippers

*2022- Club Option

2019-20Los Angeles Clippers$6,481,482
2020-21Los Angeles Clippers$7,000,000
2021-22Los Angeles Clippers$7,518,518
2022-23Los Angeles Clippers$7,518,518



Below is Ivica Zubac salary breakdown for the 2020/21 NBA season, based on his current salary of $7,000,000 which he will earn this year.  This includes his salary per month, salary per game, salary per quarter, and salary per minute.

Salary 2020/21$7,000,000
Salary Per Month$583,333
Salary Per Game$97,222
Salary Per Quarter$24,305
Salary Per Minute$2,025


Previous Contract

Serge Ibaka signed a 3-year $65 million contract with the Toronto Raptors on July 07, 2017.

  • Contract: 3-yr $65,000,000
  • Average Salary: $21,666,667
  • Team: Toronto Raptors
  • Duration: 2016/17-2019-20

Ivica Zubac Career Earnings

Ivica Zubac has earned a total of $10.3 million so far from his NBA Career with an average yearly salary of $2.5 million from (2016/17) to present.

Below is a breakdown of Ivica Zubac Career Earnings:

Total NBA Career Earnings: $10,374,000
Average Career Salary Per Year: $2,593,500
Highest Yearly Salary: $6,481,482
Lowest Yearly Salary: $1,034,956

Career Earnings From 2016/17 to present:

2016-17Los Angeles Lakers$1,034,956
2017-18Los Angeles Lakers$1,312,611
2018-19Los Angeles Clippers$1,544,951
2019-20Los Angeles Clippers$6,481,482