Steven Adams

Steven Adams


Drafted: 2013, Pk #12 (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Current Team: Memphis Grizzlies

Current Salary: $12,600,000

Performance Value: $0

Career Earnings: $157,744,832

Height: ft

Weight: lbs

D.O.B: July 20, 1993 (30 years old)

Contract Details

Steven Adams signed a 2-Year(s) $25,200,000 contract with the Memphis Grizzlies on October 01, 2022, with an annual average salary of $12,600,000.

Contract Avg. Salary Team
2-Year(s) $25,200,000 $12,600,000 Memphis Grizzlies

Salary Projection

Steven Adams will earn a base salary of $12,600,000 for the 2023-24 NBA season, in the table below is a breakdown of Steven Adams salary projection for the duration of his current contract.

Season Team Base Salary
2023-2024 Memphis Grizzlies $12,600,000
2024-2025 Memphis Grizzlies $12,600,000

Contract History

Contract Period Team Amount
2021 - 2022 New Orleans Pelicans $35,000,000
2020 - 2020 Oklahoma City Thunder $2,064,606
2017 - 2020 Oklahoma City Thunder $100,000,000
2013 - 2016 Oklahoma City Thunder $9,695,397

Salary Breakdown

Current salary: $12,600,000

Steven Adams Salary Breakdown for the 2023-24 NBA season based on his current Salary of $12,600,000 is $1,050,000 per month, $242,308 per week, $153,659 per game, $38,415 per quarter, and $3,201 per minute.

Per Month


Per Week


Per Game


Per Quarter


Per Minute


Salary Ranking

This section provides a breakdown of Steven Adams's salary rank within his team, the league, and his position.

Team Rank

#5 out of 17

Memphis Grizzlies

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League Rank

#122 out of 451


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Position Rank

#20 out of 85


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Salary Comparison

Explore how Steven Adams salary for the 2023-24 NBA season stacks up against the highest and average salaries in the league! Gain a deeper understanding of how much Steven Adams earns compared to his peers, and get a closer look at the financial landscape of the NBA.

Career Earnings

Steven Adams has earned a total of $157,744,832 in career earnings throughout his NBA career, from his rookie season 2013 to the present day. With his highest career salary being $27,528,088 and his lowest career salary coming in at $2,064,606.

Total Career Earnings: $157,744,832

Highest Career Salary: $27,528,088

Lowest Career Salary: $2,064,606

Steven Adams Career Earnings progression can be found in the table below. This shows how much Steven Adams has earned per year along with the team he played for throughout his NBA career.

Season Team Salary
2013-2014 Oklahoma City Thunder $2,090,880
2014-2015 Oklahoma City Thunder $2,184,960
2015-2016 Oklahoma City Thunder $2,279,040
2016-2017 Oklahoma City Thunder $3,140,517
2017-2018 Oklahoma City Thunder $22,471,910
2018-2019 Oklahoma City Thunder $24,157,303
2019-2020 Oklahoma City Thunder $24,227,528
2020-2021 New Orleans Pelicans $27,528,088
2020-2021 Oklahoma City Thunder $2,064,606
2021-2022 Memphis Grizzlies $17,073,171
2022-2023 Memphis Grizzlies $17,926,829
2023-2024 Memphis Grizzlies $12,600,000
Career Total Ongoing $157,744,832


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