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Thaddeus Young Contract Details, Salary, and Career Earnings

Thaddeus Young currently plays the position of Power Forward for Chicago Bulls in the NBA, He attended Georgia Tech College and was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers, 1st round (12th pick) in the 2007 NBA Draft.

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Thaddeus Young Contract Details

Current Contract

Thaddeus Young signed a 3-year $43.6 million contract on July 06, 2019, with an average salary of $14.5 million per year.

Thaddeus Young will earn a base salary of $14,545,000 for the 2020/21 NBA Season.

Contract: 3-yr $43,635,000
Average Salary: $14,545,000
TeamChicago Bulls
Duration: 2019-2021/22

2019-20 Chicago Bulls $12,900,000
2020-21 Chicago Bulls $13,545,000
2021-22 Chicago Bulls $14,190,000

Salary Breakdown

Thaddeus Young will earn a total of $14,545,000 this year according to his current contract.

His Salary Rank breakdown is $1,212,083 per month, $303,021 per week, and $202,014 per game for the 2020/21 NBA season.

Salary Per Year: $14,545,000
Salary Per Month: $1,212,083
Salary Per Week: $303,021
Salary Per Game: $202,014

Thaddeus Young Career Earnings

Thaddeus Young has earned a total of $109.3 million so far from his NBA Career with an average yearly salary of $8.4 million from his rookie season (2007/08) to the present.

Total NBA Career Earnings: $109,397,787
Average Career Salary Per Year: $8,415,214
Highest Yearly Salary: $14,796,348
Lowest Yearly Salary: $1,830,720

2007-08 Philadelphia 76ers $1,830,720
2008-09 Philadelphia 76ers $1,968,120
2009-10 Philadelphia 76ers $2,105,400
2010-11 Philadelphia 76ers $2,901,241
2011-12 Philadelphia 76ers $7,478,261
2012-13 Philadelphia 76ers $8,289,130
2013-14 Philadelphia 76ers $8,600,000
2014-15 Brooklyn Nets $9,410,870
2015-16 Brooklyn Nets $11,200,000
2016-17 Indiana Pacers $14,153,652
2017-18 Indiana Pacers $14,796,348
2018-19 Indiana Pacers $13,764,045
2019-20 Chicago Bulls $12,900,000
TOTAL (Ongoing) $109,397,787

Note: Career earnings will be added at the end of each season.