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Gordon Hayward Contract Details, Salary, and Career Earnings

Draymond Green currently plays the position of Shooting Forward for the Charlotte Hornets in the NBA, He attended Butler College and was drafted by the Utah Jazz, 2010 NBA Draft, 1st round (9th pick, 9th overall).

Full Name:Gordon Daniel Hayward (A.k.a Hayward)
Date Of Birth:March 23, 1990
Birthplace:Indianapolis, Indiana
Nationality:United States Of America
Position:Shooting Forward
Height:6 ft 7 in
Profession:Professional Basketball Player, Athlete
Draft:2010 NBA Draft, Utah Jazz, 1st round (9th pick, 9th overall)
Current Salary:$28,500,000
Net Worth:$45 Million
Current Team:Charlotte Hornets
Last Updated:January 2021

Gordon Hayward Contract

Gordon Hayward Signed a 4-year $120 million contract on Friday, November 21, 2020, with the Charlotte Hornets, he will earn an average salary of $30 million per year.

Contract: 4-yr $120,000,000
Average Salary: $30,000,000
Team: Charlotte Hornets

2020-21Charlotte Hornets$28,500,000
2021-22Charlotte Hornets$29,925,000
2022-23Charlotte Hornets$30,075,000
2023-24Charlotte Hornets$31,500,000

Salary Breakdown

Gordon Hayward’s salary breakdown for the 2020/21 NBA season, based on his current salary of $28,500,000 which he will earn this year.  This includes his salary per month, salary per game, salary per quarter, and salary per minute.

Salary 2020/21$28,500,000
Salary Per Month$2,375,000
Salary Per Game$395,833
Salary Per Quarter$98,958
Salary Per Minute$8,246

Previous Contract

Gordon Hayward Signed a 4-year $127.82 million contract on Friday, July 14, 2017, with the Boston Celtics, he will earn an average salary of $31.96 million per year.

Contract: 4-yr $127,829,970
Average Salary: $31.96 million
Team: Boston Celtics

*2020-21 Player Option (Declined)

2017-18Boston Celtics $29,727,900
2018-19Boston Celtics$31,214,295
2019-20Boston Celtics$32,700,690
2020-21Player Option$34,187,085


Hayward Signed a 4-Year $62.96 million contract on July 10, 2012, with the Utah Jazz, with an average salary of $15.74 million per year with the Utah Jazz.

Contract: 4-yr $62,965,420
Average Salary: $15.74 million
Team: Utah Jazz

*2017-18 Player Option (Declined)

2014-15 Utah Jazz$14,746,000
2015-16 Utah Jazz$15,409,570
2016-17 Utah Jazz$16,073,140
2017-18Player Option$16,736,710


Hayward Signed a 2-yr $4.9 million rookie contract with an average salary of $2.45 million per year.

Contract: 2-yr $4.9 million
Average Salary: $2.45 million
Team: Utah Jazz

2010-11 Utah Jazz$2,356,320
2011-12Utah Jazz$2,532,960

Gordon Hayward Career Earnings

Gordon Hayward has earned a total of $150.9 million so far from his NBA Career with an average yearly salary of $15.09 million from (2010/11) to present.

Below is a breakdown of Gordon Hayward Career Earnings:

Total NBA Career Earnings: $150,922,778
Average Career Salary Per Year: $15,092,277
Highest Yearly Salary: $32,700,690
Lowest Yearly Salary: $2,356,320

Career Earnings From 2010/11 to present:

2010-11Utah Jazz$2,356,320
2011-12Utah Jazz$2,532,960
2012-13Utah Jazz$2,709,720
2013-14Utah Jazz$3,452,183
2014-15Utah Jazz$14,746,000
2015-16Utah Jazz$15,409,570
2016-17Utah Jazz$16,073,140
2017-18Boston Celtics$29,727,900
2018-19Boston Celtics$31,214,295
2019-20Boston Celtics$32,700,690